Construction and erection of industrial plants. On-site regular and special maintenance services.

Kosmos operates throughout all of Italy. Our services go from project design to project realisation and management.

Company profile

Kosmos is a company specialising in the construction and maintenance of industrial plants.
Kosmos can provide technical expertise and know-how in many different industrial activities, among which: chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food-processing, energy production, cosmetics and the protection of the environment. In these years we have been committed to training motivated technicians, supplying the market with expert engineers. This has provided us with an in-depth knowledge of all issues regarding industrial plants, so that we can offer custom-designed services, whether in building or servicing plants, while, most importantly, avoiding lengthy shutdowns.

Polaris Group

What we do

If speed is important, quality is even more so

The rate of evolution of the products on the market and increasing competitiveness have increased the importance of rapid service and emphasised its significance in all kinds of production cycles. But if speed is important, quality is even more so. That’s why quality and speed characterise every phase of our services. By keeping our team of professionals regularly updated and informed, our company is in constant improvement, thanks to team spirit, a strong point of our company, and a deep knowledge of the market requirements.


Project and Realisation

Our expertise in specific industrial activities guarantees the best results, backed by growing experience and constant updating in the relevant fields.
Count on Kosmos for the best and timely solutions to your requirements in project design, realisation and maintenance.
Our company structure is organised both for designing and realising new industrial plants and for modifying and improving existing processes.

Maintenance and Repairs

Our resources allow us to act quickly and efficiently, either in situations of routine maintenance or for special repairs.
Additionally, by deploying our welders, pipe-fitters, carpenters and mechanics, we make the best use of scheduled plant shutdowns, while keeping inconveniences at a minimum.