Continuously developing

In view of constant company growth, Kosmos is continuously developing its resources, investing in personnel, machinery and equipment and improving the logistic platform on which to base the quality standards offered to customers. Activities are addressed in two specific directions:

  • The administrative staff supervises the organisational aspects, the commercial management of projects and the work plans
  • The technical staff handles the operational aspects of realising the project, which is divided in distinct phases: component construction (in workshop) and assembly (on site), while at the same time co-ordinating the maintenance crews

Human resources

Human resources are continually being implemented, thereby constantly improving company organisation and providing qualified staff for any technical requirement. Our most important investments are in technical qualification for our staff, who are always kept up-to-date and acquainted with the latest technologies and regulations through periodic training courses.
Our commitment is to prepare people who have the qualifications and motivations necessary for assisting customers in finding the best possible solution to their specific requirements.

Kosmos will to excel comes from the entrepreneurial spirit of both ownership and staff, who are determined to keep at the front of production systems and new technology, in order to guarantee top working procedures and quality control. The production plant, located in Rho (near Milan), offers high quality standards and competitive delivery time for:

  • Skids and packages (including piping and components)
  • Light or medium-weight metal structures
  • Tanks and heat exchangers
  • Furnaces, distillation columns, gas-stripping columns
  • All kinds of special welding and certified process techniques